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And other musings from the corners of my heart

The year ahead in tarot- 2017

I used my Osho Zen deck to pull one card for each month for the year 2017. The Zen deck aligns with the traditional tarot deck so I have included pictures of the Rider-Waite cards as well. It's fun seeing... Continue Reading →


Holy Fuck

Holy fucking love, With all do respect, fuck you. You're the piece of shit emotion that started all of this. You seduced me out of unconsciousness without my consent. That's kind of fucked up. I always thought I wanted you, but... Continue Reading →

The white knight and the witch

Have you ever heard the story about the white knight and the witch in the woods? Probably not- it's one that 5,000 years of patriarchal indoctrination wouldn't want you to know about. I should warn you, this ain't your average... Continue Reading →

Dear daddy

5/5/15 (unfinished) I wanted to write you to tell you about some things I’ve been working on in therapy lately. I realized that I’ve been carrying around your rage and that’s why I feel so overwhelmed by my anger and... Continue Reading →

Letter to momma

5/5/15 Dear mom, I wanted to write you because I’ve been processing some things with my therapist and it’s important for me to tell you about it because you’re part of it. I didn’t realize how much the “less than... Continue Reading →

It’s a mystery…

Story first written October 2015 When I met my partner 3 years ago I fell completely in love and I fell hard. It was an experience I never really had before. Usually I took a more apathetic approach to dating.... Continue Reading →

If you’re not horny, is it still BDSM?

As soon as I wrote that title, I'm like of course! Duh! But no, seriously, I'm very conflicted about some of my proclivities and whether or not they're even sexual? And if that's ok? I've only recently learned that yes,... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday old friend

I've always prided myself on writing heartfelt letters and cards to loved ones on special occasions. It's one of my strengths I guess. Since I've been practicing this whole be kind to myself and treating myself like I do my... Continue Reading →

The meaning of Valentine’s Day (for me)

I'm just sitting here reflecting on my mixed emotions about Valentine's day. On the one hand, I get the whole "it's a capitalist, consumer, made-up holiday"; "everyday is Vday if you're in the right relationship" blah blah blah. Believe me,... Continue Reading →

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