I feel SO inspired y’all. Like almost too inspired because I keep getting distracted. This year is gonna be huge. I’m going to be revamping this website and taking action on some dreams I’ve had for a while. I have a lot to share and I’m a very skilled networker. One of my favorite things to do is to bring people together and encourage others’ creativity. I love writing but I realized this site can’t be nearly as powerful with just my words alone. I’m ready to share with others and together we can do so much more.

I just called for submissions for pieces on this site. I want this to be a community site. I want queer, poly, witchy voices to be amplified. If you know anyone or you yourself want to contribute. Please email me at kjkincai@gmail.com. I want to attract people to share what they’ve written but I also want this to be a place where I can share others’ works with permission. I want it to be a place of community organization and networking. I have some experience with community building here in my hometown of Tucson but I want to help others’ do it in their hometowns encouraging them to make their poly community however they want.

Though the concept of polyamory is very very old, we are pioneers in this current movement and we should stick together, lift each other up, help each other be our best and learn from each other. What a beautiful gift that we live in this digital age where something like this is possible. I’m just so pumped!