I used my Osho Zen deck to pull one card for each month for the year 2017. The Zen deck aligns with the traditional tarot deck so I have included pictures of the Rider-Waite cards as well. It’s fun seeing how this deck that I’ve had since 2008 lines up with tarot that has been around for centuries. Most historians believe tarot has been around since the 13th century, became a popular card game in the 15th century and was used as a tool for divination and spiritual growth by occult scholars in the 18th century.

Overall, it looks like a very transformative year. There are 6 Major Arcana cards that represent big archetypal issues. Then there are 4 fire or action cards and 2 rainbow or earth cards. This is a year of taking action at building what I want to physically manifest in this world. I want it to be aligned with my soul’s highest purpose and I think I’ve been setting that up for years. This year feels like a culmination a coalescing of all of that.

My word of the year is FEARLESS. And I already feel it. This feels big. every new year does I guess, but this feels like a new cycle, a new Venus cycle, a new life even. It’s exciting but it will take courage and resolve. But like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Courage is more exhilarating than fear” and I do feel exhilarated about what’s to come!


January: VIII Justice/Strength

strengthjusticeCourage and wisdom to stare directly into your heart, past confusion and to be brave. My word for the year is fearless. I’m going to fearlessly share what’s on my mind and heart without doubting, second guessing myself and censoring what I say. I am telling people how I feel in real time and I have the courage to ask for what I want, or share my vision.


February: 8 of Wands/Fire


Traveling, rapid force, explosion, fast movement. It already feels like things are picking up speed and falling into place. Lots of synchronicities are happening and I’ve had several opportunities just fall into my lap. I see this happening in my partners as well. I think it will only pick up speed and there will be a lot of forward movement. I hope I enjoy the ride. I think I will.


March: 10 of Coins/Pentacles


We are the world, true riches, abundance, devotion. I see this as sisterhood, community circles. It’s my birthday month and I have lots of celebratory things planned. It’s spring time when everyone seems to have more energy. I see myself having paid off more debt, maybe buying another house, having had some big talks with partners about the future of our life together. It feels promising and fortuitous. I’m pumped!


April: XVII The Star


Silence, all is well, rest and heal. The star is my moon. By that I mean, this card represents Aquarius in the Zodiac and my moon is Aquarius in the 11th house (which is also Aquarius). Both of my partners are Aquarian men and we are in the age of Aquarius. I don’t even know exactly what all that means but it seems important. I feel like this month will be a month after I’m off my hormones that I’ve been a prisoner to for over a decade. It will be a time of my body doing some deep healing and shedding. It feels like preparation for what’s to come. I want to get pregnant soon so maybe that’s related.


May: X Wheel of Fortune


Change, good luck, fate conspiring with you. I love this card. I pulled it from my witchy friend’s bag of goodies when she came to visit last week. It means that unseen forces are at play. It’s not worth it to try to see or understand them all. Just stay at the center of the wheel and watch it spin. sometimes you’re at the bottom of the wheel sometimes at the top but never at either for very long. I see this as a big change coming, possibly in my relationship structures. Either way, I’m not totally in control, something bigger than me, than all of us is.

Change, good luck, fate conspiring with you.


Creativity, abundance, creation, sensuality, fertility. I’m hoping this means I’ll get preggers. Or maybe I’ll birth something creative in regards to my passions or career. This is the month when I’m eligible to go down to part time at work. I really want to do that and take the time to build up something I’m passionate about. Something that sets my life up so I don’t have to slave away at a job. So I can be around people I love and raise a little one hopefully. The empress is building a house and home and attracting all the right people to join her.


July: 0 The Fool


Fresh start, new perspective, opportunity, taking risks. Again, I see this as related to my career. I will most likely be part time at my day job (or very close to it) by this point and the future is wide open about where I take my business. My business is me and my voice and my heart. I am creative and entrepreneurial and I care about how I impact the world. It feels wide open and liberating!




August: Ace of Wands


The Source, passionate energy, make a move, initiate something new. When I pulled this card in my reading, it made me think of Burning Man because it was a ring of fire. I’m still not sure if I’ll go this year or not. I volunteered to work at the Zendo so if I do get selected for that, that would probably feel right. I could also see this applying to my relationships. Like maybe it will be a game changing conversation or restructuring or some truths being told. Maybe it’s nesting for a new person in my life, like a child or new business partner. We’ll see.


September: XIV Temperance


Integration, harmony, middle way. Temperance is the up-cycler, she uses what is there to create something new and better. I see this very aligned with poly relationships because even as priorities change or feelings change, things don’t have to be ended or excised from your life, they can be transformed. The last couple Septembers have been very transformational for me, and lots of integrating huge shifts in consciousness so that time of year always puts me in the mood for that.



October: 7 of Coins/Pentacles


Patience, thoughtful planning, security, commitment rewarded. Ahhh patience. I got really excited when I pulled this card and it had a very pregnant woman sitting under the moon cycles on it. My friend even said, “maybe you’ll be pregnant and ready for the baby to come out but you have to be patient!” and I thought I’d be happy with that. I see this as being smart, nesting, sharing how I feel but thoughtful about consequences. There’s really never a rush in life. Things are unfolding according to plan. My job is to just show up, read the signals and take the best course of action.


November: Page of Wands/Fire


Playfulness, naïve risk, optimism, new beginnings. I like the idea of playfulness. I love this time of year in Tucson. Feels like there’s so much social stuff going on and I feel more energized socially as the weather cools and we enter the dark part of the year. I love the dark. This seems to go with the theme of the whole year which is newness, initiation, creation, building in the worldly realm what spiritually wants to manifest.



December: 2 of Wands/Fire


Possibilities, 2 choices of equal worth, world in your hands. This feels a little scary to me but it’s not surprising. I see this related to my relationship structures. I think I’ll be happy with a number of outcomes but I’m not that happy with the uncertainty. I’d like to make a choice and ride with that. It is a relief to think that no matter what, I’ll be happy though.