I love watching the look on people’s faces when I don’t meet their limited expectations of me. 

I love when people think I look 18 but then realize I have a master’s degree and I rock my career.

I love when people think I don’t have much to say but then listen up when I command a room and touch their hearts with my words.

I love when my friends thought I didn’t remember but then I’m the first one there. 

I love when my family members worry because they think I take on too much but then I do it all with grace.

I love when strangers think I’m a sheltered Midwestern girl but then realize I can swear like a fucking sailor and I’ve seen and done things that would scare the shit out of most people. 

I love when people think I’m young and then realize I have an ancient soul. 

I love when my partner thinks I’m going to react the same way I always do and then I don’t. 

I love when my partner’s partners make snap judgements about me and I get the opportunity to remind myself how awesome I am. 

I love when I think I’m going to freak out and then I feel a calm sense of inner peace and strength.

I love when I feel that I’ve lost touch with my heart and then, when I least expect it, I hear it whisper that it’s been here all along.