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On building a home and family

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to create my perfect poly family. I've never really wanted the nuclear family. I want to have kids but I don't want that responsibility to fall on just me or just... Continue Reading →


When no means yes

It's only been recently that I've started to learn what a no feels like in my body. It tenses up, it shuts down, I cringe, I pull away, I nervously laugh, I look off into the distance to where I... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned

you looked so little there, sitting at the top of the stairs you knew that you shouldn't listen in because even at that age you knew that things you have to overhear are things you don't want to hear. I wish you could... Continue Reading →

Swallowed Whole

somewhere down the line you were told about the narrow range of acceptable emotions. you felt an inner stirring wanting to be expressed and you felt your jaw tighten and you learned to swallow it whole. when you fell in... Continue Reading →

Far from home

I've never been legally homeless but I would say I've been metaphorically without a home for most of my life. The first time my family moved was when I was in 4th grade. We were building a much nicer house and we got... Continue Reading →


  When did I lose my volatility? when did I first "suck it up" and harden my heart? when did I damn the flow of my rage or my righteous indignation when did I learn to apologize for someone else's... Continue Reading →

The problem with hormones

Ok, I could write like 10 posts about hormones. I've spent hours and hours researching them. I've tried talking with doctors, naturopathic doctors, endocrinologists, acupuncturists, friends etc. I've read tons of blogs, books and forums. It's SO HARD to figure... Continue Reading →

The Return of Venus

There's so much I don't know. That's true for many things, but right now, I'm specifically talking about planets, astrology, tarot and how all of those come together and impact our lives in seen and unseen ways. An article from... Continue Reading →

Changes ahead!

I feel SO inspired y'all. Like almost too inspired because I keep getting distracted. This year is gonna be huge. I'm going to be revamping this website and taking action on some dreams I've had for a while. I have... Continue Reading →

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